Wrought Iron Exterior Doors

Wrought iron exterior doors add safety to any office or house, but also add sophistication and beauty.  An iron door does not necessarily bring thoughts of beauty or elegance, but those that are customized with ornamental design will.  Outside doors have glass that allows in light and does not obstruct vision.  There are many choices to select from that helps the homeowner make an outside appearance that is welcoming to guests and keeps unwanted visitors away.


Many factors must be considered when designing a door.  Whether to use an arched top or double doors should be considered. The addition of sidelights may make the door’s appearance wider.  A window preference should be selected.  Glass cam be frosted or clear.  The wrought iron can take up the entire frame or can be mixed with mahogany or another hard wood.

Most wrought iron exterior doors are decorated with abstract designs.  The door’s hardware is an essential factor in the final look of the door.  It may be simple or match the overall door design.  Locks and enforcements must then be placed on the door.

Safety is the main feature of wrought iron exterior doors because they are reinforced.  Iron doors may qualify your home for lower homeowner insurance rates.

The idea of wrought iron exterior doors comes with many design factors.  If using glass, options like E-glass or Aquatex will help insulate and maintain privacy.  No matter what door that a person chooses, it must blend with the house decor and the motif of the whole exterior.

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