Zimbra Email for SMEs: Why POP3-based E-Mail Won’t Cut It

When you first start your business, you’re conscious about your expenses – you’ll want to tighten your belt and cut corners. It’s a smart thing to do as you’re a startup. While you “Think Big, Start Small” you also need to know how to “Scale Fast”.

It’s definitely a smart way to use free online services or something that is low cost – however, your email system shouldn’t be one of the things you cut corners on. Good, reliable email systems with DNS management, reputation management, anti-spam management and reliable service is something you can’t put a price tag on – it may mean the difference between getting that next big deal or totally missing out the email with a contract due to many technical reasons. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want poor communication or email delivery issues to be the one thing that takes down your business.

There are a lot of solutions out there for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), but perhaps one of the most flexible, most robust and integrated collaboration email system which is gaining popularity today is Zimbra Collaboration Server.

Zimbra Collaboration Server is touted as the world’s most sophisticated email and web application that is easily integrated with Cloud applications. With Zimbra, you’ll have an integrated communication system, which is not only used for email, but serve your calendaring, address book and collaboration needs for your business. Sharing any data from Zimbra becomes part and parcel of any team. Furthermore, Zimbra is designed for small business of 25 users and easily scales up for unlimited number of users.

Why use Zimbra email?

Email delivery, privacy control, email archiving and security should be the priority for anyone using email for business. With Zimbra email, you can host your own server and automate your daily back-ups or let CommGate host your email for you. Zimbra empowers you and give you total control of how you manage your email. With the built-in anti-spam and anti-virus, encryption and ability to use Microsoft Outlook, Zimbra Webmail or Zimbra Desktop, you’ll have everything you need and more, to make sure your sensitive communication remains safe and secure. If you’re used to other desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Zimbra desktop and webmail user interface looks and feel familiar, and within a few minutes, you’ll see how great and user-friendly it is. But, you’ll also feel the difference, and how much better it is. Zimbra just makes sense. It makes integration with Cloud applications such as Google Maps, Yahoo Finance, Flickr, WebEx, Facebook, Twitter, Saleforce.com and many other cloud services so much easier and accessible from the same Zimbra interface.

Within Zimbra, you can click on addresses and add them into your calendar or contacts. You can click on phone numbers and make a Skype call (or even straight into your PBX system if it’s integrated). Imagine moving your mouse to an address in an email you received and a small screen popup – showing you the locality of the address via a web query to Google Maps. That’s just the beginning.

It’s easy to get organized with Zimbra Email – you can easily drag and drop emails and even do a “search and save”. This feature lets you do a search on emails in your inbox for whatever keyword, and lets you save it into a virtual folder, so you can go back to these email later (perfect for busy people who wades through hundreds of emails per day!)

One of the best things that users love about Zimbra email – is being able to access their email from any computer, smartphone or tablet device anywhere in the world! With a web-based interface, you don’t have to carry around your laptop with you. As long as you have a computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection – you can get your email, access your calendar, share documents, schedule meetings and collaborate with your team members. It’s perfect for mobile professionals on the go!

When it comes to your business, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Want to know more about Zimbra email and how it can increase your productivity? Contact CommGate, an authorised and certified systems integrator partner for Zimbra Singapore. We offer a full range of Zimbra solutions for business – whether you have 5, 500 or 10,000 employees. We’d be happy to sit down with you and give you the best possible messaging and collaboration solution for your business.

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